Doublegate / Brooke Branch Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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 Nigerian Dwarf Goats

ADGA registered

Site last updated April 6, 2016

!!! Fashion is on the ADGA 2013 Elite Doe list!!!

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Home or Breeder of:

SGCH/MCH New Horizons Mariah 1*M, and her daughters

SG Doublegate SCG Fashionmodel 2*M

SGCH Doublegate WHBH Mercedes 2*M

 SG Doublegate TT Goldylocks 2*M

 SG Doublegate PT Doodle Bug 1*M 

 SG Doublegate JB Flirt 3*M

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   Located between Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC- just off Interstate 85. I've raised dairy goats since the early 90's...showing, Linear Appraising and participating in DHI. My goal is to breed the ideal dairy goat, in miniature form. Herd is registered with ADGA.

   I also have a Lamancha doe or two on the farm....they will be bred to Lamancha bucks for purebred kids (ADGA).... 

   In early 2015, Brooke Mooney came on board as co-owner of the herd. Brooke will be taking the does to shows in Georgia and surrounding states.


  Now, with Brooke's focus on the showring , and the ADGA Performance Programs, we intend to continue breeding quality ND  dairy goats.

 ***Entire Herd tested CAE negative 2015.***

Brooke Mooney, Homer, Georgia  (phone 706-949-6194)

 Wanda Clark, Commerce, Georgia   (phone 706-335-5015)

preferred e-mail: